13 Days of Halloween Makeup · Beauty

Halloween Makeup: Bunny

Step 1: brush brow hairs up with a spoolie brush and glue with an Elmers glue stick that dries clear. Let somewhat dry; not fully hardened as to still have the hair texture. Cover with concealer and beige powder in an alternating pattern to hide brow colour. The darker the brow hair, the more times you will have to repeat this step.

Step 2: apply primer, foundation and concealer to face. I prefer to use lotion instead of primer.

Step 3: contour with bronzer and emphasize cheeks with lots of blush. Add an exaggerated amount of highlighter to cheekbones.

Step 4: draw outline of shapes around eyes with a white eyeliner pencil. Start with bottom line and work your way up. Next is the white line underneath the brow that starts from the inside of the nose. Add another section around eyebrow, where the pink will go. Add one last section above that for the last white section.

Step 5: with white face paint, fill in white sections as solid shapes. Fur strokes come later. Fill in eyebrow section with pink eyeshadow or pink face paint. Let dry.

Step 6: while step 5 dries, outline nose and snout with a white eyeliner pencil. Fill in the nose with pink eyeshadow or pink face paint. Fill in remainder of snout and lower lip with white face paint as a solid shape. Fur strokes come later. Let dry.

Step 7: while step 6 dries, cover eyelids with light brown eyeshadow. Add a winged eyeliner that extends outwards and follows the initial white line. Using a small angled brush, add a line directly underneath the white line using dark brown eyeshadow. Add highlighter to inner corners of the eyes.

Step 8: add mascara to upper lashes or use fake eyelashes. With a spoolie brush, add white face paint to lower lashes. Tightline lower waterline with a white eyeliner pencil.

Step 9: using the same spoolie brush and white face paint, add “fur” to the white sections, using brush strokes moving upwards into eyebrows and upwards onto forehead. The texture of the eyebrow hairs help to recreate fur. For the mouth, brush strokes move outwards, starting from centre. They do not have to be perfect; messy looks more natural. Let dry.

Step 10: Using black liquid eyeliner, draw a line from the nose down to the lips. Add whiskers, with dots getting lighter as they move outwards.

Step 11: add pink lipstick or pink eyeshadow to upper lip. If using eyeshadow, remember to use a primer or to apply a little bit of lotion or water to create a base onto which the eyeshadow can stick.

Step 12: add bunny ears and a bow tie to finish the look.

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