13 Days of Halloween Makeup · Beauty

Halloween Scarecrow Makeup

Step 1: fill in eyebrows with brow pencil or cool-toned eyeshadow. Step 2: Apply eyeshadow. Use a medium orange all over the eye lid and drag it down under the lower lash line. Use a darker orange in outer corner and blend into crease. Blend the same colour right underneath the lower lash line, over… Continue reading Halloween Scarecrow Makeup

13 Days of Halloween Makeup · Beauty

Halloween Makeup: Joker

Step 1: draw lines to seperate black and white sections. Step 2: fill in eyebrows, alternating between black and white depending on section; black brows in white sections and white brows in black sections. I used black eyeshadow and white face paint & white eyeshadow. Step 3: eye makeup. I outlined the shape on my… Continue reading Halloween Makeup: Joker

13 Days of Halloween Makeup · Beauty

Halloween Makeup: Green Skull

Step 1: fill in brows with a dark brow pencil or black eyeshadow. Step 2: draw black line above crease using liquid eyeliner and blend upwards. It is easier to draw the line bit by bit using a pencil first, then to trace over with liquid eyeliner. Step 3: fill in eyelid with metallic colour… Continue reading Halloween Makeup: Green Skull


Loving Louise et Cie’s Fall Shoe Line

I have always been a shoe lover, especially booties! This season, Louise et Cie collection really stood out to me; I have continually been a fan of their shoes and aspire to own some one day. However, this Autumn they are superstars in the shoe industry! Below are my top picks. Enjoy! Sevita Tall Boot… Continue reading Loving Louise et Cie’s Fall Shoe Line

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Inspiration Tuesday: Black & White Athleisure

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 I've been really feeling the monochromatic, black & white outfits lately, as seen on my Instagram. These two tonalities are super easy to style and make for wardrobe pieces that are no-fail and interchangeable. This athleisure look is perfect for a day running errands or filled… Continue reading Inspiration Tuesday: Black & White Athleisure


My Top 10 Fall Wardrobe Must-Haves

Fall is definitely here, with the cooler weather and beautiful orange and red leaves finally making an appearance. I find I have always loved dressing for Autumn, with all the knitwear, wool coats and ankle booties! Below, I have shared my favourite wardrobe pieces that I find are all necessary to be a Fall fashionista!… Continue reading My Top 10 Fall Wardrobe Must-Haves