Comfy At-Home OOTD


Shop this look: US Polo Association men’s tee | Halifornia baseball cap (pink out of season; other colour here; similar styles here) | Puma socks

I bought these leggings a couple of years ago off of Instagram…really shady company that I will NEVER purchase from again. Thus, I am not linking them because I try to link only trustworthy and quality brands and products. However, here are some similar grey and pink leggings: Gymshark |  PureGem Co. | Adidas | Adidas | Aerie


Quick life update: Because I work in the community service sector as a lifeguard and swimming instructor, both my jobs have decided to temporarily lay me off since my job position is not a necessity in society for day-to-day functioning in lieu of the pandemic.

My school has cancelled all in-person classes and has been transitioned to an online format. Therefore, I left my apartment and am spending a couple weeks with my family until things go back to normal. Aside from having SO much more free time (before I was working 35hrs a week + 15hrs of class + commuting everyday to work + studying all the time!), I am still keeping busy. I love making my daily smoothies and still have schoolwork and final assignments to work on everyday. Obviously I can afford to spend more time on my assignments and to take frequent breaks, which has been great for my mental health. I haven’t really talked about that much on my blog, but I do think this break was just what I needed. I am always on GO mode and functioning at 100%, recently been feeling overwhelmed, not giving myself any wiggle room for rest/social time/down time/fun time. Just being able to sleep in and just chill with my brothers with no stress from work and less stress from school has been really nice:)

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. Although this is negatively affecting a lot of people, just remember to see the silver lining…I feel like we all needed time to just disconnect from our lives and spend time with our loved ones.

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