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Amazon Wishlist

I made my first ever purchase on Amazon this Black Friday and it probably has become one of my favourite places to shop. I have found so many cool and functional products that would be otherwise hard to find for relatively affordable prices. I think I might have gone overboard with shopping... Makartt P-29 Poly… Continue reading Amazon Wishlist


Beauty Products I Have Been Loving Recently

Hello! I feel like I have not done a beauty post in so long, most likely because I tend to use the same products over and over again and my beauty routine stays pretty consistent. I thought I would share with you though the beauty products I have been loving recently and my typical makeup… Continue reading Beauty Products I Have Been Loving Recently

13 Days of Halloween Makeup · Beauty

Halloween Scarecrow Makeup

Step 1: fill in eyebrows with brow pencil or cool-toned eyeshadow. Step 2: Apply eyeshadow. Use a medium orange all over the eye lid and drag it down under the lower lash line. Use a darker orange in outer corner and blend into crease. Blend the same colour right underneath the lower lash line, over… Continue reading Halloween Scarecrow Makeup

13 Days of Halloween Makeup · Beauty

Halloween Makeup: Joker

Step 1: draw lines to seperate black and white sections. Step 2: fill in eyebrows, alternating between black and white depending on section; black brows in white sections and white brows in black sections. I used black eyeshadow and white face paint & white eyeshadow. Step 3: eye makeup. I outlined the shape on my… Continue reading Halloween Makeup: Joker

13 Days of Halloween Makeup · Beauty

Halloween Makeup: Green Skull

Step 1: fill in brows with a dark brow pencil or black eyeshadow. Step 2: draw black line above crease using liquid eyeliner and blend upwards. It is easier to draw the line bit by bit using a pencil first, then to trace over with liquid eyeliner. Step 3: fill in eyelid with metallic colour… Continue reading Halloween Makeup: Green Skull

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Money Saving Beauty Tips and Tricks

As much as I love beauty products and playing around with makeup, it is not the cheapest of pass times. Over the years, I have developed a few beauty tips and tricks that not only save time but money as well; both of which are precious to a university student on a budget. Use lotion… Continue reading Money Saving Beauty Tips and Tricks