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13 Days of Halloween Makeup- Cleopatra

Hello all! Today I will be sharing with you my Cleopatra look for “13 Days of Halloween Makeup”! Cleo is a timeless Halloween costume idea and I have always wanted to do an Egyptian-inspired makeup look!

FullSizeRender 130

FullSizeRender 131

Time: 30 minutes

Difficulty: 3/10

I started off with a dark shade of foundation (3 shades darker than I normally wear) to create that bronzed-skin look. Next, I filled my lids with sparkly god eyeshadow, continued by a pacific blue in my crease. I did not blend the two colours as I wanted more contrast. Next, I used a turquoise blue above my crease, blended towards both extremities of my eyes. Next, I traced a thin line of pacific blue under my lower lash line. Afterwards, I applied mascara and a thick line of liquid eyeliner above my upper lash line, which I dragged outwards dramatically, and inwards into a peak. Next, I created the box shape, and filled that in with gold eyeliner. Underneath the blue line of eyeshadow, I traced another line with eyeliner, which ended in a curl. Under one eye, I traced the typical Egyptian symbol, which I then outlined with gold eyeshadow. I finished this look with bronzer all over my face as to set my foundation (don’t forget to blend it all the way down your neck too!), and a thicker amount of bronzer underneath my cheekbones for contouring. I added some gold eyeshadow to my lips, and  my Cleopatra makeup was complete.

For the hair, I used my black wig (which was also used in my Morticia Addams look and Geisha look), and trimmed it to my liking.

Happy Halloween!

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