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13 Days of Halloween Makeup- Sugar Skull

Hello! This next look from “13 Days of Halloween Makeup” is that of a sugar skull. This Mexican tradition celebrates all those who have passed on. This look has numerous variations in colour and design.



Time: 30 minutes + 60 minutes (crown)

Difficulty: 4/5

I started this look by covering half my face with white powder. Next, I outlined the skull areas: around my eye, my nose, and my chin. I filled these in with a blended gradient of purple to black, using eyeshadow. Next, I blended the outline with liquid eyeliner. Afterwards, I contoured my cheekbone with dark purple eyeshadow, and traced a line overtop with liquid eyeliner. I added some ornamentations using liquid eyeliner. You can do whatever you want, let your creativity shine through!

On the natural side of my face, I did my regular makeup. To link the two sides, I did a purple smokey eye. I finalized this look by filling in one side of my lips with purple eyeshadow and the other with liquid eyeliner. I added my crown, teased my hair, and was ready to go answer the door to all the little trick or treaters!

Happy Halloween!

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