13 Days of Halloween Makeup – Lion

Hello everyone! October is upon us and is it the time of year in which we start planning for Halloween. The ambience is filled with scary decorations, candy, pumpkin carving, horror movies, but my favourite part is all the halloween makeup ideas! I have always loved experimenting with my makeup and this is one of the only times during the year that I can let my creativity go wild! It is with that in mind that I am starting a series of posts called “13 Days of Halloween Makeup”. I will be posting 13 different makeup looks for Halloween, with a brief description of each.

My first Halloween Makeup is of a lion. Given that my zodiac is a leo, and even though I do not believe in astrological myths, I do have to admit that my personality is an exact match to the traits of a leo. I am kind, big-hearted, optimistic, definitely straightforward, loyal, headstrong (everyone would agree), egotistic, dominating, and yes, at times, arrogant. With all that aside, I was extremely excited to do this look, because I have always felt that my “spirit animal”, (again, very skeptical of this superstition) would be a lion.

FullSizeRender 45.jpg

FullSizeRender 40

FullSizeRender 43FullSizeRender 47

Time: 30-45 minutes

Difficulty: 2/10

For this look, I focused a lot on the eyes. They have to imitate the piercing eyes of a lion, and capture the gold flakes in the iris and the black outline around the eyes. I also did some contouring with a dark brown powder along my cheekbones, underneath my cheek apples, and along my nose. The last step is adding the black eye liner in the inner corners of the eyes and dragging it down to make that peek, on the nose, and on the upper lip. To conceal my bottom lip, I just used foundation and added some nude eye shadow and bronzer to match it as closely as possible to my skin tone. My hair is naturally curly and pouffy, so this hairdo was not very difficult. I simply teased my roots and added hairspray to hold everything together to mirror a lion’s mane. I did add some glittery gold eyeshadow to my roots and at the top of my forehead to add a bit of glam. However, it is very subtle because of how small the flecks of gold eyeshadow are.

I really enjoyed this look and hope you did too! I am excited to share with you my next look, however it is a surprise. So, until next time!

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