Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope this holiday has been filled with love, happiness, and lots of stuffing (so yummy!!!)! Thanksgiving originally was the time of year where people would harvest their crops before the long harsh winter ahead. It was a time when they would give thanks to God for blessing them with food and life. Today, we still celebrate this holiday and although most of us no longer harvest crops, we still take this time to be thankful. Today, our lives are so fast-paced and hectic that we often forget our blessings and do not take the time to appreciate them. Well, today we do. I am blessed with a loving family, in which my parents are very supportive and my brothers are loving (albeit annoying most of the time haha). I have a welcoming home, I always have a hot meal on the table, and I have the opportunity to pursue higher education. Although these may seem like ordinary things, not everyone in the world is as fortunate to have them. So to everyone reading this, I wish you all a safe holiday full of warmth and joy!

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