13 Days of Halloween Makeup · Beauty

Halloween Makeup: Joker

Step 1: draw lines to seperate black and white sections.

Step 2: fill in eyebrows, alternating between black and white depending on section; black brows in white sections and white brows in black sections. I used black eyeshadow and white face paint & white eyeshadow.

Step 3: eye makeup. I outlined the shape on my eyelid, extending it outwards. Again, white outline in black section and black outline in white section. I then filled in both eyes with red eyeshadow; alternatively, you can use red face paint or even red lipstick. Cream shadow works best. Add either black or white (black in white section and white in black section) in the center of the lid and blend outwards.

Step 4: mascara. Black mascara in white section. For the black section, apply white face paint to lashes using a spoolie brush. If using fake eyelashes, apply black ones to white section. For the black section, use white spray paint to colour the lashes white. Apply once paint dries.

Step 5: draw out card suit shapes: heart, spades, diamond and club.

Step 6: fill in black and white sections with face paint. Set with white setting powder and black eyeshadow in respective sections.

Step 7: fill in card suit shapes. White in black sections and black and white sections.

Step 8: red accents. Using red eyeshadow or red lipstick, lightly outline black card suits on the outside. Blend outwards. Outline the white card suits on the inside and blend inwards. Remember that if using lipstick, the tone of red will vary; it will either blend out with an orange hue or a pink hue.

Step 9: finish the look with your choice of hairstyle, hair colour and contacts if desired.

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