13 Days of Halloween Makeup · Beauty

Halloween Deer Makeup


Step 1: wash face & prime with lotion. Let dry.

Step 2: eyeshadow on the eyes. I like to set my eyeshadow with a little bit of lotion on my eyelids. It helps the powder stay in place. This is a budget-friendly alternative to using setting spray/ eye primer. I used a natural, brown-toned colour palette. Use lighter colours on the inside of the lid and transition to darker colours on the outside of the lid and into the crease. I used a large amount of dark-coloured eyeshadow in my crease to imitate the protruding look of a deer’s eyes. Use a heavy amount of highlighter in the inner corners of the eyes.

Step 3: fill in eyebrows. Either a brow pencil or cool-toned dark eyeshadow work well.

Step 4: mascara on upper and lower eyelashes. If you have the budget, fake lashes work too! Unfortunately, I do not, thus these are my real lashes.

Step 5: concealer & foundation. I like to set my foundation with a very light layer of bronzer; just enough to remove the stickiness and to lock it into place. Also, I find that using bronzer adds a healthier, sun-kissed glow to the skin.

Step 6: contour. To really emulate the face shape of a deer, I heavily contoured my forehead, cheekbones and my nose. I used white setting powder in the centre of my forehead, under my eyes, and around my mouth. I then used a good amount of blush on my cheekbones.

Step 7: eyeliner. I used liquid eyeliner along the top lash line and brought it into the inner corners into a peak. Then I used a pencil to line my upper waterline.

Step 8: accent with eyeliner. I outlined the tip of my nose, dragging it out wide to copy the wider nose shape found on deers. For my lips, I coloured in just the top, keeping it flat.

Step 9: white dots. I dipped the tip of a Q-Tip in white face paint. Start with the centre of the face and work outwards, so that they are more faded on the outside. Do this on the forehead and on both cheeks.

Step 10: hair. I finished the look off by dividing my hair into two parts. I folded each section in half and wrapped the tips around the hair tie.


Two years ago, I published my 13 Days of Halloween Makeup series. Looking back, I realize that I was not the best at makeup lol. I never claimed to be a makeup artist or to have the best techniques, I just have always loved playing around with makeup and love to explore more costume-type looks. I feel like over the years, my technique has gotten better, as well as my camera skills haha!

Some of my other Halloween looks include:

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