Favourite Beauty Hacks


As much as I love to experiment with makeup, but with a busy schedule, any tricks I can find to make my makeup routine faster, easier, or more effective are welcome. Below I am sharing a few makeup and beauty hacks that make my life easier:

-remove mascara residue on lids with a Q-tip + lotion


-when styling a high ponytail (or even a half-up, half-down), align it with your cheekbones as to further define them and make your face look lifted

-set your liquid foundation with a very light layer of bronzer. This removes stickiness and gives your face a lively, healthy glow

-blend face makeup down your neck and chest so that your makeup looks natural

IMG_4897 2

-use waterproof mascara. This avoids mascara streaks or from melting off during the day

-line your upper waterline with a pencil eyeliner to give the illusion of thicker lashes

-avoid lining your lower waterline to make your eyes appear bigger


-the thicker you apply eyeliner, the smaller your eyes will appear

-use dark, cool-toned eyeshadow instead of a brow pencil for a natural looking brow

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