4 Ways To Wear A Silk Scarf

Silk scarves are a great way to accessorize an outfit. In recent fashion, in addition to being worn around the neck, they have been styled on handbags, wrists, in hairdos, and worn as belts. These trends originate from the French woman’s love of wearing scarves on a daily basis from which stemmed a need to functionally carry them around after being worn. Storing a scarf inside a purse might not always be the best option; the bag might be too small or you might not want to get makeup and lipstick stains on your scarf. The French woman has developed different methods of carrying around her silk scarves in a practical manner that over time have become a fashion trend in its own.

There are a few reasons why silk makes for the best of scarves:

  • silk will not make you overheat and will act as a wind-breaker. Even in Summer, they are worn during car rides in a convertible or on a boat ride.
  • silk will hold its shape and hardly ever wrinkles. It can be shoved at the bottom of a bag and still look good once taken out.

 Below are different ways to wear a silk scarf.


With A Ponytail – When you are on the go, it is super easy to throw your hair into a ponytail and to tie your scarf around it. Can be worn as a bow or just tied into a simple knot on a high or low ponytail. It is a great way to accessorize an outfit or to glam up a simple hairdo, and accomplishes the goal of getting the silk scarf out of the way after it has been worn.


In A Bow On A Handbag  Everyone knows how to tie a bow. This method works on all handbags and takes hardly any time! It is a great way of stowing your silk scarf and definitely makes your handbag look chic.


Tied Around The Neck In A Simple Knot – By wrapping the silk scarf around once and knotting it prevents it from being chunky around the neck. It is more easily achieved with a skinny or slim scarf. Letting it drape down is not only part of the simplicity of the look but also adds fluidity to an outfit.


Wrapped Around The Handle Of A Bag – An alternative to tying the silk scarf in a bow. It may look complex, but in actuality takes minimal time to achieve such a luxurious result.

Outfit details: RW&Co blouse (out of season; similar here) | American Eagle denim (oos; similar here) | Lauren Ralph Lauren scarf (oos; similar here)| Danier bag (oos; similar here)  | Ava & Aiden rings (similar here) | Gold bracelet & earring set from Spain | Guess twisted metal cuff (David Yurman dupe!)

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