OOTD: Barbie

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Shop this look: Dynamite blouse (out of season; find similar here) | RW&Co jeans | Michael Kors tote bag in colour luggage | Reitman’s cardigan (oos; find similar here) | Ardene bracelet (oos; find similar here & here) | gold earrings (oos; find similar here)

Wearing this outfit, I feel like Barbie! I LOVE the bright pink colour of the blouse and it makes me feel feminine and empowered. Paired with the white jeans really made the pink pop! I styled this outfit with a brown leather tote and brown ankle booties (I always coordinate my shoes and bag colour, kind of OCD in that way), but could of been worn with a black bag and black shoes instead. However, I wanted to stray from the black and white and bring out some warmer earth tones. Just like how I coordinate my shoes and bag, I always coordinate my metallics. I will either wear all gold, or all silver. For this look, I went with gold, as seen with the metallic gold accents on my bag, earrings, and bracelet. Overall though, I wear more gold than silver. It just so happens I have more gold accents in my wardrobe, and to be honest, I like how it brings out the metallic sheen in my hair.

Ideally, I would of worn this outfit as is, but it is still cold outside. Thus, the black cardigan, which later was paired with a black pea coat. Just when I thought it was getting warmer, the opposite happens. In fact, it was snowing all day today and yesterday 😦 I hope that wherever you are reading this from has a little bit more sunshine!

Have a nice weekend!



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