Parisian Glam Room Decor Inspiration

Lately, I have been very influenced by Parisian style and decor, which, after hours of browsing the web, lead me to find numerous fashion illustrations. I was absolutely inspired to redecorate my bedroom then and there, but quickly came back down to earth and remembered that I am a university student on a tight budget. A girl can dream…anyhow, now I am here creating this post. Using a soft pink, white, and pewter colour palette, I combined Parisian and glam decor styles to create my dream bedroom. I am also sharing the illustrations that initially sparked the idea. Enjoy!

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 4.23.26 PM

1. Toile Pillow

Toile, also known as “toile de Jouy”, consists of a light background depicting a scenery that is repeated throughout the fabric. Originating from Jouy-en-Josas, a commune 19km south-west of Paris, this print is commonly associated with French style.


2. Decorative Boxes

These boxes create a stylish storage alternative and add romantic hues to the overall space. I already own four floral boxes, not these exact ones but of a similar style, and I find them so practical for organizing!


3. Lattice Area Rug

Having a rug in your room is not only stylish, but helps to illuminate it as well. Especially with a lighter rug colour, the light can reflect more easily and definitely brings a room to life!

4. Chandelier

This chandelier is perfect for a smaller space such as a bedroom. The metal-wire filigree adds to the romantic style.

5. Vanity Tray

The elegant floral-patterned frame with an antique-style finish ties in the vintage Paris vibes. Very useful for putting away your jewelry of the day and some perfume bottles.


6. Accessories Illustration

Created by Alison Gordon Studio, this wall art brings forth my love of fashion and all things pink!

7. Coco Mademoiselle Illustration

Alison Gordon showcases her artistic talents with this Coco Mademoiselle drawing. Nothing says classy and elegant like Chanel!

8. Café Fleur Illustration

Alison Gordon’s illustration portrays the ease of life and the “joie de vivre” of Parisians.

9. Chair

The pale wooden frame ornamented with flowers demonstrates well the french style. This chair is influenced by the reign of Louis XV, in which the cartouche-shaped seat backs were framed with moulded wood. The crest rail and legs featured rococo carvings of gold leaves and flowers. This era of style is further characterized by cabriole-shaped legs placed at an angle.


10. Mirror

This gorgeous mirror features rococo detailing once again, with the gold leaves and cherubs.


11. Fluffy Pillow

An amusing way of adding another touch of pink to the room! This soft and playful wool brings comfort and  repose.

12. Writing Desk

The sleek and contemporary design of this desk balances out the romantic and embellishing ambiance of the room. The white colour brings simplicity and elegance.

Below are the drawings that inspired me to write this post. These beautiful illustrations are created by Lalana Arts, who is very talented!

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