13 Days of Halloween Makeup

13 Days of Halloween Makeup- Geisha

Hello all! My next makeup look in the series “13 Days of Halloween Makeup” is that of a geisha. Traditionally, a geisha is a Japanese hostess trained in conversation, dance, and song. I have always been intrigued by different cultures, hence the opportunity to learn about Japan and to be able to fuel my creative outlet was irresistible.

FullSizeRender 127

Time: 60 minutes

Difficulty: 4/10

This makeup is generally simple, however I had a lot of difficulty with the application of the white face paint. It never seemed to stay opaque and did not set properly when it dried. After approximately 30 minutes of that, I was finally able to move on to the rest of the face. I noticed that a geisha’s makeup always looks “painted on”, and so I “drew” on my eyebrows with black eyeshadow. Next, I used a bright pink eyeshadow on my eyelids, which I blended towards the sides of my face. Subsequently, I applied eyeliner to my top lid, and dragged it outwards, as to flatten the shape of my eyes. Finally, I used red lipstick on only the middle of my lips, as done on geishas.

I completed this look with my black wig. I attempted to pin it up to create the typical geisha hairdo, which proved to be challenging. I then inserted some flowers in the hairdo, which is a common accessory in Japanese culture.

I hope you all have a nice week:)

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