13 Days of Halloween Makeup-Morticia Addams

Hello everyone! In continuation to my “13 Days of Halloween Makeup” series, I have done a look for Morticia Addams. She is a character in the Halloween movie “The Addams Family”, and proves to be a favourite with her gothic elegance and timeless beauty. Click here for more information regarding Morticia Addams.


FullSizeRender 113

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Time: 60 minutes

Difficulty: 3/10

In this look, I used white face paint and a translucent white powder as the base, which was blended down to my collar bone. Morticia has a very pale complexion, and I do not, so I had to use almost three coats of white face paint to lighten my skin. I did not make the paint opaque on my skin, but rather translucent in order to create a more natural look. Moreover, I found this a little challenging. Unlike foundation, where I can just rub it into my skin, I had to use my finger to dab the paint onto my skin. This was a result of trial and error, and was quite time consuming. Next, I filled in my brows with black eyeshadow, and exaggerated the arched brow shape. Then, I proceeded to the eye makeup. I used a light silver eyeshadow blended all over my lids. Then, I used a darker silver in my crease, and blended upwards. Finally I used a black eyeshadow in my crease and blended towards the outer corner of my eyes. To finish to eyes, I applied mascara and some eyeliner. Afterwards, I started contouring my face. Morticia has very aquiline features, and so I focused on my cheekbones and the sides of my nose. Instead of using bronzer, like I typically do, I used a dark brown, almost black eyeshadow. I concluded this look with a red lip and a black wig.

Hope you enjoyed Morticia Addams’ makeup look!

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