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13 Days of Halloween Makeup-Leopard

Hello everyone! I am back with my third look in my series “13 Days of Halloween Makeup”! I was very excited to do this particular look because I have never attempted drawing leopard spots (they look so hard to do, but are actually very simple!) and leopards are actually my favourite animals!

FullSizeRender 97

FullSizeRender 89

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Time: 45-6- minutes

Difficulty: 4/10

For this look, I used 4 different shades of eyeshadow, lots of liquid eyeliner, white face paint, and translucent white setting powder.

I started off with my normal makeup, which include mascara, eyebrow pencil, foundation, and bronzer for contouring. Next, I filled my lids with dark brown eyeshadow, which I then blended upwards, above my crease with a lighter brown eyeshadow. I blended this colour to the insides of my eyes, then down the sides of my nose. I later used this same brown colour to further contour my cheekbones. I then used my white face paint and created to winged sections under my eyes, a band across the width of my nose, and from my nose to my chin, to create a snout-like area. It was a little challenging spreading it evenly and consistently. Also, for the white under my eyes, once it dried, I used a wet Q-tip to define the shape.  Once dry, I set the paint with a translucent, white power. Now comes the amusing part. I used eyeliner to line my top lashes and along the bottom of the white under my eyes. Afterwards, I coloured the tip of my nose with the eye liner, and dragged a line from under my nostrils to my top lip. Lastly, I filled in my top lip. The last step of this look is the spots. With my liquid eyeliner applicator, I made spots in a C-shaped manner. The trick is to have fun with them, add thickness and curves in your lines, and try not to be too precise. I made smaller spots near my “snout” and in between my eyebrows. It is very subtle, however I filled in the spots with a nude eye shadow colour to create dimension. I finished with little dots along my upper lip to imitate whiskers.

I finalized this look with two buns, one on each side of my head, to emulate a leopard’s ears.

Hope you enjoy! Leave me your thoughts down below:)

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