Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching, and between turkey diners and numerous family gatherings, it can be challenging trying to find that perfect outfit. Below I have shared with you three easy outfit ideas that are great for this autumn holiday.


One can never go wrong with a little black dress. I especially love the bell sleeves on this one, which is a major fashion trend this fall. I paired this dress with a pearl necklace, however it can effortlessly be dressed up or down with your preferred accessories.

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I absolutely adore this dress for autumn! The colour is a rich burgundy that brings out the gold in my hair and reminds me of red leaves falling from the trees, littering the sidewalks.

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I really love this dress for the holidays, whether it be Thanksgiving or Christmas (which is less than three months away!!!). This rich purple tone brings warmth and liveliness to this dress. Again, the bell sleeves make an appearance and truly add detail to this look.

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I hope these outfit ideas were helpful and I wish you all a safe Thanksgiving holiday filled with love and joy!

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