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St Maarten: My Heart Goes Out to You

Last New Years, I went away to St Maarten with my grandma to celebrate the upcoming year. It was a paradise on earth! The island is gorgeous, the people are so very kind, and the culture is rich! I was so devastated to hear that hurricane Irma had destroyed it all. It is so hard to believe that everything is gone; the hotel room in which I stayed, the beach on which I walked, everything. I would like to give my condolences to all who were affected by this disaster. To everyone there, I hope that you are safe and unharmed. To the bus driver who gave me a tour of the island, the young gentlemen with which I went four-wheeling, the owners and stable hands of Lucky Stable with whom I went horseback riding in the mountain, to the staff of Coconut Reef with whom I went snorkelling, my heart goes out to you. I send my prayers and positive thoughts in your direction, and hope that you will be able to recover swiftly from Irma’s wrath.









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